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My cello's name is 'Brontosaurus'

Teacher: Bryson Hawkins

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This is Rashida (of Arabic origin meaning "rightly guided")

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My violin's name is Verity (of Latin origin meaning "truth")

Other services

Leasing or purchasing instruments on a payment plan

  • New and continuing students may lease or purchase instruments on a payment plan through intellectualPropertyYowieMusicTradeMark Yowie Music®. For further information, please download a copy of the standard Musical instrument lease agreement or repayment plan.


  • Your own compositions and arrangements published as print manuscripts or online productions.
  • An enormous variety of customisable fonts, colours, sizes and styles are available.

Yalissa is of Hebrew origin meaning "a beautiful flower"

Audio & video files

  • Scores digitised authentic sounding instruments and voices.
  • Video recordings of concerts; eisteddfods.
    • Example - Violin Solo: The Happy Farmer. [Video: Low (9 MB) | High (81 MB)]

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Canberra String Festival

Etymologically, "Vladimir" breaks down to "ruling peace" although this Russian name also refers to "St Vladimir the Great", the first Christian ruler of Russia.

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