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Leasing or purchasing instruments on a payment plan

  • Violins and Cellos may be leased on a monthly basis or purchased on a payment plan by students who are financial and currently enrolled with intellectualPropertyYowieMusicTradeMark Yowie Music®.
  • A lease agreement or repayment plan usually comprises the following:
    • The completion of a Musical instrument lease agreement or repayment plan.
    • A security deposit of 10% of the value of the instrument.
    • The payment of a monthly rental fee (usually between $50 - $100 depending on the value of the instrument).
    • No minimum contract length.

Scores (print & online)

  • Hand written or computer generated scores of your own compositions and arrangements can be transformed into beautifully presented manuscripts.
  • Manuscripts can be prepared for print or online publication.
  • An enormous variety of customisable fonts, colours, sizes and styles are available.

MIDI / audio & video files

  • Scores digitised into almost any audio format with high-quality, authentic sounding instruments and voices.
  • Video recordings of concerts; eisteddfods.
    • Example - 2009 Christmas Concert:
      • Violin Solo: The Happy Farmer. [Video: Low (9 MB) | High (81 MB)]
      • Piano Trio: The First Noël. [Video: Low (8 MB) | High (95 MB)]

Learning resources

  • ‘Solo Assist’ - making life easier and more enjoyable for students and parents.
    • Provides access to multimedia technologies to help students and parents understand and master their music in a more enjoyable and multifaceted way.
    • A mixture of recorded parts (solo, accompaniment, harmony) in any number of variations and at different, customisable speeds.
    • Large and colourful music available in print form or online through our Member’s area to help those struggling with traditional, small and often confusing manuscripts.
    • Practice with any combination of markings, including colourful or black notes, fingering, bowing, note names, dynamics. (Turn off the markings you don’t need so that you can focus on other markings.)
  • Lesson plans, practice charts and check lists.
    • Formats for all ages and capabilities.
  • Rewards and certificates.
  • Music arranged in large, colourful notation.
  • Flash cards, theory and interactive learning modules.
  • Techniques, tips and tricks.
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